Every Crafter Needs a Scale

I believe that every serious crafter and cook should have a good scale. I have bought one last year, and my only regret is that I didn’t buy one sooner. There are tons of uses for it and it’s always close by in my kitchen.

How do I use my scale? Well, my first reason to buy it was to make soap and that worked out very well. Since buying, I also used it in a variety of recipes like bread and jam since those needs precise measurements to get a good result. And believe it or not, I have found it very useful as a knitter. I’ve used it to check how much yarn my completed project required simply by weighting them, and was able to split a ball of yarn in two smaller balls with a decent precision.

There are tons of scales on the market, from small pocket scales to food scales, but I have found that the most versatile and cost-effective scales are shipping scales. Here is the model I purchased (the link is for Amazon, but I bought mine on eBay) :

It is an Ultraship MyWeight scale that can weight stuff up to 55lb, which is a lot better than the average food scale. It still has a good precision (around 0.1oz) so it can still be used for high-precision stuff like soaping or candle making. I’m very happy with it really, it was a good purchase for the price and I always find new uses for it.

So, if you do any serious cooking or crafting, you should get your own scale. You can do a lot of tasks more precisely with a good scale, and it’s very convenient to be able to do a quick measurement as needed.

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  1. February 8, 2010

    […] Digital scale : All soap recipes are in weight because it’s easier to get consistent results that way. A 10% error can change the final product a lot and even make your soap unsuitable for use. Since you will likely make very small batches at first, you’re better off with a scale so you can get the best measure possible.   […]

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