Pressure Cooker Stew Recipe

This stew is a great comfort food that’s fast and easy to make if you have a pressure cooker, or presto as it is more commonly called.  It has lots of vegetables that are good for you, along with some beef for the protein.  You can eat this with a good piece of bread for a complete winter meal that will warm you up. The quantities listed will make three big portions of stew.

Preparing the ingredients

To make a good stew, you need two things : vegetables and meat.  For this particular stew, I chose turnip, cabbage, green beans and carrots. You can add any other vegetables you have on hand that tastes good boiled like celery and potatoes. It’s a great recipe if you need to get rid of leftover vegetables.

Once I have selected my vegetables, I chop them in pretty big pieces. I never measure the precise amount, I just fill up my bowl :

bowl of vegetables


p style=”text-align: left;”>For the meat, I usually buy a pound of stewing beef cubes. Just cut them up in smaller piece if they’re too big, and coat them with white flour.

Cooking the stew

Brown the beef cubes a bit and put them in the pot along with the vegetables.  You can also add some spices : I usually don’t, but this batch has some bay leaves and turmeric, giving it a nice color.

After this, add enough water to cover the vegetables and cook for 10 minutes in the pressure cooker, counting from when the pressure gauge starts moving (see my pressure cooker article for more details).

This recipe can also be made in a regular pot, but it needs to simmer for about an hour to be nice and tasty. I never did this recipe in a crock pot, but it would probably taste fine too.

bowl of stew

You will most likely have a good amount of broth left after you’re done serving the meal. It tastes great, so I usually keep it in fridge or freezer to make a soup later on.

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