Vegetable Garden in Containers Update

It’s been a month now that everything is planted in its proper place and 10 weeks since I started planting outside, so I figured this would be a good time to post a first update to follow-up on my post about seed selection.

Courgette Midnight F1 (left) and Cucumber Delikatesse (right)

cucumber and zucchini

Those two were started indoors a few weeks before transplanting them last month. There are many small cucumbers and a small courgette, with a good amount of flowers, so I should get a few vegetables out of them.

I’m also pleased about the way the cucumber is climbing the tomato cage. I had to tie the stems of the two plants to the bottom ring of the cage to get them started climbing, but it’s all good now. I’ll have to keep an eye out when the cucumbers get bigger…

Cheeseman’s Tomato (left), Tomato Riesentraube (middle) and Tumbling Tom Red (right)

cherry tomatoes

They were all started indoors about 6 weeks before transplanting them last month, two plants for every pot. The two indeterminate types, Cheeseman’s and Riesentraube both look pretty much the same for now. I pruned them a bit and both have a few flowers. The Tumbing Tom have a whole lot of flower right now and is growing in a nice bush shape without any pruning since it’s a determinate tomato. I probably won’t put them in a cage next year if I try them again.

Pea Super Sugar Snap


I had trouble starting the peas since one of the neighbouring cat thought the pea planted was a great litter box and kept disturbing the seeds. The one that did grew are just starting to produces flowers (and there is one tiny pod), but I think it’s a bit warm to plant more right now. I’m sure the planters would be prettier with more pea vines in them…

Lettuce Grand Rapids (back) and Arugula (front)

lettuce and arugula

I ended not starting any lettuce Grand Rapids, since some of it grew by itself in early spring. I just gathered them all together in the same box. One of them went to seed late in the season last year, so I guess some of the seeds ended up in the boxes.

The arugula was started from seeds outdoor 10 weeks ago and grew nicely in front of the lettuce and is producing enough for my salads needs

Lettuce Catalogna (left back), Mustard Tendergreen (right back) and Radish Saxa II (front)

greens and radishes

Both the lettuce and Mustard Tendergreen were started from seeds about 10 weeks ago. I had mixed results with the Catalogna : it was slow to start, in part because the cat that messed with the peas also liked that corner. Also, the taste is nothing really special and the plants are not particularly productive, although the leaves look pretty. The Mustard Tendergreen has been a good producer like last year, producing many leaves which taste a bit like spinach.

The radishes have mixed results : the one growing with the lettuce have grown pretty big (and tasty), helped by the cat troubles and the slow growing pace of the lettuce, but the ones with the Mustard Tendergreen had more trouble since the greens grew so fast the radishes had no time to get to a decent size before being choked.

All together, the greens have produced enough in the last three weeks for me to eat at least two or three large salads a week and extras for sandwiches, with more to spare. The lettuce Grand Rapids, the arugula and the Mustard Tendergreen are looking like they want to bolt and go to seed already, but I’m cutting the flower heads as they show up and hope they’ll keep producing for another month. After, I’ll most likely plant more of the lettuce Grand Rapids and the Mustard Tendergreen in the spots now occupied by the radishes for a late summer/fall harvest.

Oregano (left), Thai Basil (left right), Parsley Moss Curled (middle right), Fine Verde Basil (right), Chives (back right) and Cilantro (two back left)


The chives is the same plant as last year, it grew back just fine. The oregano, Fine Verde basil and cilantro were started from seeds indoors 10 weeks ago and grew pretty well. I’ve started picking up some and they all taste great too. The Thai basil and parsley were started at the same time, but they’re pitiful (they’re probably invisible in the picture). The large plant in the parsley pot is actually a arugula plant that got lost…

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3 Responses

  1. Janet says:

    Wow, your plants look very healthy! Your peas may look sparse right now, but they will fill out very nicely by the end of the season. My parents’ peas plants become like a jungle by the end of August. I wish you a fabulous harvest!

  2. Joleen says:

    Hey I am growing (trying) to Grand rapids leaf lettuce. Although its growing very upwards and not out and not regrowing when I pinch off leaves just grow more up and I tryed cutting at the base a inch of the soil to get it to regrow but no? Does this type of lettuce not regrow? help! …could my problem be that it is dollarstore seeds! ps think im going to make a pea grow thing with the string like you did 😀

  3. Cindy says:

    I used the dollar store seeds too and they worked decently. It did bolt this year since it was very hot, and once it starts bolting it’s too late. I did not bother to try regrowing them, I just planted new ones instead.

    For the pea, they did follow the strings nicely, but the spot I used was too shady so I only got a few handfuls of peas.

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