Do-It-Yourself Gifts for Everyone on Your List

A homemade gift is a lot more personal that store-brought stuff and are a safe bet to give to those people who have everything. I give at least one handmade gift to everyone on my list, and those are always the most appreciated. In addition, if you make your gifts yourself, you can be sure they will be unique!

I know I may seem a bit early to speak about Christmas gifts, but some crafts cannot be rushed and you will feel less stressed knowing all your gifts are ready or planned. In my case for example, I give away a lot of handmade soap, and the olive oil soap I will make this years needs a few months of curing to be at its best. So, here are a few ideas of gifts you can do yourself so you can start planning your own gift list :

Your favorite craft : The first place to look is your crafts and hobbies  : do you paint, knit, sew or draw for example? Most crafts have good possibilities for gift-giving, and you can surely find books on your craft containing gift ideas.  Remember, you don’t need to embark on long projects to create gifts that will be appreciated.

Canned goods : Quality jams, jelly and preserves will make great gifts. Can your fruits or vegetables in the Fall so you will be ready for the holidays. Make a batch of your favorite recipe to give to everyone in your family, or make some extras when you can for yourself so you can give them. Add  a great label and packaging and you will have the perfect gift.

Dessert and candies : Anything with sugar will be appreciate if the recipient is not on a diet. I like to give hard candies myself because they will keep for a while, but if you can cook just before Christmas, you have a lot more options like cookies and cake.

Gift basket : Not 100% hand crafted, but you can make a unique gift by packing all kinds of goodies related to the hobbies or interests of the receiver  in a nice basket or container.  If all else fails, baskets containing gourmet foods are always good.

Gift certificate : Make your own gift certificates so you can offer your time : a babysitting night, a dinner, a day teaching a new skill or some yard work are always appreciated. You can surely come up with some other ideas with your own skills, the possibilities are endless.

Scrapbook or framed picture : One of the best gifts for someone who has everything : pictures of their loved ones, favorite places or treasured moments in a nice scrapbook or frame. This will be treasured for years to come by the receiver.

If you don’t have time to shop and still want to give unique, handcrafted gifts, you can always buy them. In most cities there are good craft fairs in November or December, and if all else fail you can shop on Etsy, a marketplace full of handmade goods. You will support small businesses instead of the big corporations and get unique gifts at the same time.

Try giving a few handmade gift this year, you can’t go wrong with them.

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