Book review : Fingerweaving untangled by Carol James

I’m a knitter and crocheter, but weaving has always been special for me. I recently bought a used 45″ floor loom, but I’m still missing a few odds and ends before I can wrap it and really get started. I’ve also wanted to learn fingerweaving since I bought some old books in French on the subject at a book sale a few years ago. Unfortunately, I was not able to do much with those books since they had very few illustrations and they started with huge projects that were pretty demotivating. When I found the Fingerweaving Untangled book on the Internet, I decided to give it another shot while I’m still waiting for the last parts of my floor loom. The book explains how to make fingerwoven stashes as they were crafted in Canada, which is exactly what I was looking for.

With that book, I was able to start weaving right away with smaller project that built on each other. Nothing is assumed and the instruction are clear enough so a total beginner to weaving will understand. It also includes sections about the most common mistakes which helped me a lot. Finally, it has instructions on how to finish work with a fringe and add beads to the weaving but I did not it try yet. I’m practicing with acrylic yarns, so I doubt the fringe would stay together. Here is what I was able to weave so far, all by myself:

Fingerweaving Stashs DIYist

I’m looking forward to learning the last few techniques I need to make the final patterns, the classic Assomption stash and the multiple arrow stash. After that, the sky is the limit!

If you’re interested by weaving in general and fingerweaving in particular, I believe this book is a must have. There are very few good resources on how to finger weave, and this is definitively one of them. You can buy the book from the amazon link below (I get a small commission), or directly for the author’s website at

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