The joy of work

This weekend, I did a lot of things that could be considered work: I wove for a few hours at the weaving guild, knit a bit, cooked supper, went shopping for groceries and even did dishes! After all that, I’m sitting down to write a blog post for you. I’ve been told often that I’m a bit of an overachiever and that I have a lot of things on my plate. Really, it feels like a gross exaggeration to me. Beside, all those things rarely feels like real work, the dull and boring kind that is. If I had unlimited money and time, I would still do all those things (except maybe the dishes). Why? Because the main parts of my life are there because I choose to put them there. I choose to work in software because I enjoy working with computers. I choose to live in a rural setting and start a small homestead because I like crafting, cooking and gardening more than I like going out.

Joy Of Work There are two ways to see life: you can complain all the time that you’re so unlucky and that society did “this” to you, or you can decide to enjoy everything you do. I was taught to live the second way and it has served me well. I see so many people not liking their day job just to come home and not liking what they have at home. I choose to have a small homestead and a career in tech : I’ll be damned if I don’t enjoy something I decided to do! How you live your life is a result of your choices: I agree that some people have fewer choices than others, but if you have enough time and money to be able to read my blog, you have the power to choose how you live your life. It won’t always be fast or easy, but small wins compounded over time wins the race.

I have days like everyone when I feel like lazing around and I’m not ashamed to do it: it’s healthy to take a break. But I don’t let breaks take over, because I found out that never get as much satisfaction from playing video games or watching TV that I get from work. My idea of a good time now is building something with my hands, learning something new or improving my skills. I did my time playing video games, but I’d rather live my life crafting real things instead of logging in World of Warcraft to craft virtual items. Or, in the words of the wise Mr Money Mustache :

you too can have the lifestyle of your dreams. And to get it, you will need to do an absolute shitload of insanely intense, ball-busting work. And here’s the best part: the insane work will bring you just as much happiness as the leisure time!

Mr Money Mustache, Get Rich With: Good Old-Fashioned Hard Work

Enjoying what you have is also not the same thing as settling: I think I have it pretty good, but I always strive to learn new things and go farther. All the stages on the way to learning a new skill or starting on a quest are enjoyable: the first moments when you’re messing up a lot but progressing fast, the middle point where you do good work, and for some skills the mastery part where everything is smooth and you can get in the flow easily. Enjoying the work you choose to do is the path to waking up everyday smiling at your good fortune. I feel I am very lucky, I still have tons of work to do!

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  1. I often feel this way too. I enjoy working with my hands and it’s fulfilling for me to do work with a tangible (or edible) result. There is much joy to be had in the simple life :)

  2. Tawcan says:

    I enjoy working with my hands and seeing the results too. Sitting around doing nothing gets old very quickly.

  3. I think when you have a positive outlook on life, it helps you in so many ways just to really enjoy what you do and how you live. It definitely does make work not feel like work!

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